Saving Money And The Environment

Renewable Energy

Every day we hear about the ever increasing cost of energy. Everybody is having to come to terms with the fact that energy costs will never fall to where they used to be.

At B.Rogers Plumbing & Heating Ltd we recognise this and have carried out extensive research in to new ways of heating your home – new ways that both save you money and are kinder to the world we live in.

We also recognise that you may not be able to afford a new system just yet and so we can also service and maintain your heating system to ensure that it is in peak condition and running as efficiently as possible – helping you to control your energy bills.

Whatever your heating system, we have a service to help.


Benefits of Solar Heating
Even on cloudy days, the earth is bathed in heat radiation from the sun and this energy is free to all. Solar heating systems take this free energy and use it to heat the water in your heating systems. Once installed, the systems are virtually free to run – a small amount of electricity is used by the pump that pumps that transfer the heat from the roof mounted panels to the solar energy storage tank.

Carbon Footprint
Solar heating can not only save you money but will also reduce your carbon footprint. In the UK, the Energy Saving Trust have found that solar heating can provide you with around 1/3rd of your hot water and will also reduce your CO2 emissions considerably. For example, if your existing heating is by solid fuel or electricity, you’ll be saving around 640kg for CO2 annually whilst gas and oil installations will save around 325kg.

What is Solar Heating?
Simply put, solar heating uses the free energy from the sun to heat water for your water tank. We install the Glowworm flat plate solar collectors on the side of your roof that gets the most sun and install a dedicated solar collection tank. This tank acts as a heat exchanger and transfers the solar energy to your heating system. We recommend the Glowworm tanks because these have a second heat exchanger that enables the system to connect to an existing central heating boiler that acts as a back-up heating source for longer periods of low solar energy days.
Solar energy arrives as both direct and diffused radiation and our solar heating solutions are able to heat water on sunny AND cloudy days

Underfloor Heating

Imagine a way of heating your home that evenly heats your house in the way you want, eliminates cold spots, lets you have total freedom over furniture placement and saves space because radiators are no longer required and reduces the circulation of dust.

Not only that, but underfloor heating provides a gentle heat that matches the most acceptable indoor climate where the feet are warmer than the head – unlike a radiator driven system where the head is warmer than the feet.

Now consider a system that delivers all of this and manages to reduce energy consumption by using lower water temperatures through the use of highly insulated pipes to move the water from the boiler to where it is required.

Early attempts at underfloor heating used electric elements laid in the floor, using overnight “cheap rate” electricity. However this was expensive, difficult to control and inefficient.

Modern underfloor heating systems use a fluid to carry the warmth from your boiler to the rooms to be heated. The boiler can either be traditionally fuelled by gas or oil or one of the more environmentally friendly solutions, using solar energy or a heat pump

Other Forms Of Renewable Energy We Offer

At B.Rogers Plumbing & Heating we are very keenly aware of environmental issues. Gas and oil prices only seem to go up and up whilst it is well known that the burning of fossil fuels adds to the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) content of the atmosphere and the majority of scientists agree that CO2 is one of the major contributors to environmental change.

Anything that can be done to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel will save you money and will be good for the environment.

After much research, we are delighted to be able to provide a variety of environmentally friendly heating solutions that offer considerable savings on running costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions from your heating.

The two options that we provide are:

  1. Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), ASHP systems extract heat from the air and use it to heat your home. The sophisticated Ecodan units manufactured by Mitsubishi can extract heat even when the outside temperature drops to -15 degrees. For every unit of electricity they consume, 3-4 units of heat are produced, delivering up to 30% savings on running costs and reducing emissions by up to 50%. Installation is easy, only requiring water and electric connections and systems benefit from low maintenance requirements -helping to keep running costs to an absolute minimum. You may be eligible for grant funding to help you meet the installation costs.
  2. Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) GHSP systems extract heat from the ground. A system of pipes is laid in trenches or in a borehole and a special liquid is pumped through them. The ground (whic is always at a constant temperature) heats this liquid and a specialised heat transfer unit extracts this warmth and uses it to heat your home. It’s a lot like your kitchen fridge working in reverse. Like the ASHP, putting in 1 unit of electricity enables the system to produce 3-4 units of heat.