1. Work will be undertaken during working hours of 8:00- 17:00 Mon-Fri, excluding Bank Holidays. Here after is out of hours working and out of hours costings may apply.

2. Any amendments to your original order will need to be made in writing, when the quotation can be adjusted accordingly. If you decide to not accept our amended quote for additional works and we have already completed works on your original order these works will have to be paid for. In the situation where we have quoted works to a drawing we will proceed to carry out works to the original drawing unless the drawing in question has been super seeded and if there are extra works involved and prices have been agreed will carry out the works to the amended drawings, if we have installed our original works to the site programme and subsequently the revised drawings have changed, extra costs are to concurred if we are to change any works form the original work order. (please see section 15 of the terms and conditions)

3. All quotations are provided free of charge and with no obligation to proceed. All quotations can only be based on the information that is available at the time of quotation and would therefore be subject to change under certain circumstances.

4. When tracing a fault you will be charged accordingly on an hourly rate and this price will be agreed along with the quotation of works to be carried out before work can commence. If agreed Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd will carry out works to a date agreed by the client and ourselves.

5. Before agreed works are to be carried out all areas are to be cleared out by the customer including the loft, Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd operatives are to be able to work in a safe and clear area and cannot be held responsible for damage caused to existing items that have not been removed from the safe working area.

6. Where installing pipework or fittings to or through outside exterior walls we will take car in not damaging area in question.

7. Flooring, floor tiles and carpets may need to be lifted to carry out installation works, Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd will to the best of our ability return the carpet / flooring to as near as the original condition as possible. In regards to ceramic floor or wall tiles we are unable to re-install these (please see section 11 of the terms and conditions) these works are to be carried out by another contractor and at no cost to Brad Rogers plumbing and heating Ltd.

8. When Power flushing through a central heating system in some occasions weak points in the system may arise due to the high pressure of flushing. Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd cannot be held responsible for any such pre-existing conditions which might be revealed, or for any resulting damage which might occur in this situation.

9. We are not responsible for the for the failure of original radiators, under floor heating or taps, if we are installing a new boiler. Once a new boiler is installed we are not responsible for leaks or failure the following existing items: Radiators, Under floor Heating or taps.

10. When installing a new boiler please be aware that the new boiler connection to the pipework may differ from the existing pipework, in this case extra costs may be incurred (please see section 2 of the terms and conditions)

11. All gas safe pipework and water pipework will be installed correctly in line with British Building standards. In some cases where pipework or fittings need to be accessed from behind or underneath wall or floor finishing’s, we may have to remove these in able for us to carry out the works agreed. We are not responsible for repairing these areas (for eg if we remove water damaged flooring which has been caused by a leak, we will be unable to re-fit the flooring due to the water damage or the removal of ceramic floor / wall tiles ) these works will need to carried out by another contractor at no cost to Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

12. Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd will remove all waste upon completion of the works carried out. To include the removal of all items that are being replaced, packaging from new items being installed. We are not responsible for the removal of other trades waste.

13. All materials and workmanship are guaranteed for a minimum 12 months following the completion of all works, this excludes issues resulting from normal wear and tear and damage caused by a third party.

14. The customer will have 28 days from the initial quotation in which to accept this. After this time has lapsed quotations may rise as materials that are to be used may increase in cost during this time.

15. Any workmanship that is not to the satisfaction of the customer needs to be reported within 28 days of completion. When an agreement has been made between both parties all agreed additional works will be completed free of charge.

16. Payment is due on completion of works. All materials, fixtures and fittings used will remain the property of Brad Rogers Plumbing and Heating Ltd until the account is settled in full. Failure to pay an outstanding account could result in legal action.